Top 10 Website Development Trends that will Rock in 2021

Top 10 Website Development Trends that will Rock in 2021

Website development rules tend to go obsolete with the passage of time, demanding the specialists to come up with better and time-relevant solutions. While the end of 2020 is near, it is time to sit back and analyse what to do to stay in the game next year.  A developer needs to constantly grow in terms of learning newer tools and better techniques to stay on par with changing requirements of the businesses. The websites of today are expected to offer more value to the customer. The seamlessness of functions and crispness of offering are two aspects that form the base of new trends emerging every year. You may also be interested in booking engine development.

We foresee website developed in 2021 providing better control and exceptional UI/UX experience to the end users. Customers will demand cleaner, exceptional looking and seamlessly performing websites which do not just stand out but make a mark. Security and privacy would be the necessities rather than added features.

So, here are some website development trends which we believe are to be looked out for in the coming year :

1. SPA (Single Page Application)

Responsive websites implement the use of single page application. Their ability to blend with the business environment easily is something developers can leverage upon in 2018. Easily scrollable, single page applications meaning pure business can help greatly in achieving cost-effectiveness, better functionality and more value per resources.

2. Motion UI

Motion UI focuses on minimalistic solutions so that the message is conveyed to the end user in simple, crisp and concise manner. While flashy ads seem to have lost their charms, use of realistic animated charts or pleasing hovers with the advantage of modular scrolling will take the forefront of the web design.

3. Internet of Things

Use of JavaScript points to the possibility of integration of the IoT feates in the futuristic website development. Developers need to be working on strengthening the front-end and enabling seamless integration with IoT devices at the end.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is registering its presence everywhere and website development is not going to stay untouched by its marvels. Bringing intelligence to the websites functioning by offering predictive customer service will enable digital platforms to boost e-commerce, and lot many offerings. With about 85% of interactions likely to be governed by AI, this feature is sure to offer futuristic upliftment to the websites.

5. VR (Virtual Reality) technology

Website developers will make use of VR technology to offer remote access to many things to the users. Integrating VR enabled videos, 360 modeling etc are new trends to look forward to.

6. Bots

Taking the cue from artificial intelligence, chat boxes will be replaced by chatbots. The increase in quality of one-to-one communication possible due to the integration of bots is going to help programmers achieve user-friendly websites.

7. Static Site Generators

With static site generators, website developers are going back to basics from where they have come thus far. A majority of businesses are run on tight budgets. Their products are not something that needs elaborated display tools. Static pages with fixed content, therefore, will help programmers as well as the end users, as it will ensure minimal use of resources to develop user-friendly content.

8. Blockchain

The added security of data in transit is the biggest challenge. Databases stored in form of unalterable ledgers, as in the case of Blockchain technology, is surely going to make the websites hack-proof. Thus, Blockchain offers the reliable solution for developers to stay one step ahead of the data tyrants. This is something to look out for in 2018.

9.Push Notifications for Websites

Generating more sales using websites is something every business would want to achieve. To make it practically possible, push notifications feature is an idea developer would want to fiddle with. Get the visitors to subscribe to the website and then send them alerts about the products and services. This certainly would be the preference of all the businesses in coming times.

10. PHP 7.x – Laravel 5.x

A wonderful premise to work with, web developers would love to switch to Laravel 5.x to assure faster delivery of websites while taking the complexity out of the coding process. The need to develop scalable, fast and cleaner websites has brought the developers all the convenience they need. Features like ORM, seamless routing and easily manageable template engine are going to make this framework a dependable tool for web development.

The present generation of websites has to be fast, simple, safe and above all, fully supportive of user-friendly elements. 2018 shall focus entirely on how to deliver exceptional user experience through the way of realistic website development.

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