About Us

India Gate - Kae Capital

Kae Capital is a pioneer of early-stage investing in India, focused on tech startups, and has been investing in India for 10+ years. Founded in 2012, and based out of Mumbai and Bengaluru, Kae is a sector-agnostic fund that invests in pre-seed to pre-series A stages. Kae partners with passionate founders and teams, building for Indian and global markets. Kae aims to be an all-weather partner to its portfolio founders, enabling them to build enduring companies.

Kae has a portfolio enterprise valuation of $8.76 billion, having invested in 81 startups. Its portfolio has a mix of B2B and B2C startups. Some of the marquee names are Tata 1MG (health tech), Zetwerk (manufacturing tech), Porter (logistics tech), 1K (B2B retail tech), and Wysa (health tech). Kae is the first institutional investor in a majority of its portfolio companies.

We’re happy you took the first leap, now let us help you take the next one!

Our Philosophy

When we invest in a company, we also invest our confidence in its founders. We engage with them on multiple fronts and bring in our broad range of experiences and expertise to help them grow their business. But it’s the entrepreneurs who build great companies, and we play a supportive role working alongside them.
Being an all-weather partner

We’re not in it just for the good times. We help founders navigate through good and most importantly, tough times, when they need us the most. Our investment philosophy and commitment to being a founder first firm has remained consistent from the start, despite changing market conditions.

Unlocking advisory networks

We expose our networks to our founders, whether it is a later-stage founder, an industry expert, or a top-tier professional service.

Helping startups in their 0-1 journey

We help our portfolio companies to accelerate finding Product-Market fit through strategic exercises and actionables.

Attracting the next round of capital

We work closely with our portfolio founders, as they prepare for the next round of capital raise. We help them with strategy and connection to later-stage investors.

Have a Business Plan? We look forward to learning more about your business.