About Us

Passion to shape the Future

A destination for early stage companies to acquire capital for growth. Kae Capital is a sector agnostic fund and invests in companies which bring about innovative solutions for the existing gaps in the markets, backed by a great team. Our focus – investing in Innovation, Leadership and Growth.

We bring in the expertise of identifying and building large companies even from a concept. Our team at Kae Capital has a wide range of experience in helping companies grow, fill gaps in the market and help create winning companies.

We believe entrepreneurs can shape the future of the world. We want to partner with passionate and energetic entrepreneurs who have the drive to change the future.

Technology excites us. We look for entrepreneurs who envision technology as a means to disrupt sectors such as Mobile, e-Commerce, Education, Healthcare, Consumer Internet and so on. We think technology holds the highest potential to shape our lives in a new future.

We understand the importance of speed for a start-up and we carry out our process in the same spirit.

Parameters We Evaluate

  • Committed and capable team with a clarity of purpose
  • Innovation
  • Market Size
  • Value Proposition
  • Business opportunity and Scalability
  • Capital efficiency

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