Event Takeaway: Marketing Growth Hacks

As part of the Kae Webinar Series, Kae Capital organized a webinar with Praveen Rajaretnam on the topic “Marketing Growth Hacks (B2B & B2C)”. Praveen was the Co-founder & CMO at Wooplr and then Head of Product Marketing at InMobi. He currently works as Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Freshdesk.

Praveen shared his playbook with our portfolio which you can find here

Following are some of the key takeaways from the webinar:

1. The motto of every advertiser – To understand and be understood.

An ad should reflect the fact that you understand your audience and also it should clearly convey your message. This can be achieved by keeping four things in mind – having a simple layout, a short and concise copy, legible text and a clear CTA (Call to action).

2. Data Speaks!

While coming up with ideas for ads it is important to keep your perception of the brand separate from that of the audience. Also, following current marketing and advertising trends specific to your sector without understanding what your audience really wants would do no good for your brand. Relevance is key.

3. Sell less – This is how your brand will stand out

Sell less and keep the content engaging. Quality and differentiation are the two key factors for coming up with the best ad. By being original, you help build your brand identity. Be open to experimenting with the features of various platforms and with the kind of content you put out. A fine example would be Wooplr using the carousel feature of Facebook to put content in ads.

4. Understanding the platform and audience can do wonders for your ad

Study the platform and understand its features and the kind of audience using the platform before publishing your ad. Leverage the constraints of the platform to your advantage.

5. Humour helps!

This is a no-brainer- everyone knows that the funnier the post, the more chances of it making an impact and delighting the target audience! Humour gives the brand a more humane touch and a personality, thereby helping to build brand loyalty.

6. Work on making better creatives

Multivariate testing will help you figure out your core audience in depth. Use the learnings to make better ads specific to your Brand/Product/Service. Keep on experimenting with the colour, font, copy, elements, template, etc. via A/B Testing. Collect and study the data to zero down on what works best for your brand.

To summarise- Data speaks, all you’ve got to do is listen carefully and be consistent.

You can find Praveen’s Presentation on Slideshare. Click here

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