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Key Highlights: Kae Konnect Webinar on The Future of Gaming

Key Highlights: Kae Konnect Webinar on The Future of Gaming

As part of our Kae Konnect Webinar Series, we hosted Nitish Mittersain, Founder & MD of Nazara, which today is one of the leading gaming companies in India with operations across 60 countries. During the one-hour fireside chat, we deep-dived into the future of gaming and how it will shape up in the next 10 years. Nitish also discussed potential opportunities that are waiting to…




Changing Nature of B2B transactions- The Rise of B2B marketplaces

The history of e-commerce is intertwined with the history and boom of online marketplaces. Using technology to connect buyers with sellers and efficiently facilitate transactions, these online marketplaces have overcome the limitations of an offline market. In an offline world, transactions are limited by geographical reach/information asymmetry and are facilitated by intermediaries, online marketplaces however open a broader market for the buyers and sellers to…




Event Takeaway – Praveen Rajaretnam

As  part of the Kae Webinar Series, Kae Capital organized a webinar with Praveen Rajaretnam on the topic “Marketing Growth Hacks (B2B & B2C)”. Praveen was the Co-founder & CMO at Wooplr and then Head of Product Marketing at InMobi. He currently works as Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Freshdesk. Praveen shared his playbook with our portfolio which you can find here Following are some…