Unravelling the Portfolio: TranZact

Brief about TranZact:

TranZact is a freemium digitisation software for 14MN+ SMEs Manufacturers & Traders, empowering them by digitising business workflow right from sales to dispatch.
With scalable distribution and engaging software, they are capturing real transaction data, which becomes the foundation to build a transaction-backed marketplace at scale.

Vision and Mission:

Empowering SMEs owners to grow their business through digitisation.
Building a digitisation platform for 14MN+ SMEs to convert their business data into actionable insights.


TranZact started with the idea of creating digital technologies for 14MN+ SMEs, which are still struggling with very old digital technologies. They felt that in today’s era of digitisation, even though the SME space is often ignored, it remains a very large sector, and if there is specific technology built for this space, the impact will be much larger and deeper.

Tranzact team - Kae Capital

Market Opportunity:

14MN+ Indian manufacturers and traders

5-year Plan:

Going to build a transaction-backed market network platform with over $500MN in revenue coming from multiple revenue streams like software and transactions.

Team members handling this sector

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